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*Past Life Regressions

*Phobias-from past lives

*Spirit possesion, attachments

* Crossing over Lost souls

*Prior lives with loved ones

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What is Hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is a natural state that can be practiced by oneself after learning a simple technique, or it can be guided by a professional who is able to efficiently and quickly help them correct behaviors, or learn new behaviors, as an effective method of improving areas of ones life.

When in trance, the hypnotist is able to maintain direct contact with the subconscious mind of the client, thereby promoting a distraction-free atmosphere in a relaxed setting that allows the hypnotist to cement very fixed objectives and goals into the clients mind. Subsequently, that person applies these principals and goals in daily life more efficiently, and learns to apply new standards of behaviors in a manner that rewards them with new abilities and experiences. You, the client, are ALWAYS in control and only accept the suggestions that are of benefit to you.

Does Hypnosis help one remember past lives?

It has been discovered that the subconscious part of the healthy mind never forgets anything. And that precision of memory actually does extend back through soul memory to former lives, including memories while in the womb, actual memories of deaths, and contacts with Divine Entities such as Angels and Spirit Guides, as well as teachers and ascended spirit masters who assume important responsibile positions in the Heavenly Realm.


Our client, Pam *******, has consented to helping others learn about their past lives by replaying here brief clips from sessions involving three of her past lives. So far, Pam has discovered details of six past lives in only two hypnosis sessions of approx one hour each

Life #1. Indian Warrior-died 1811 while searching for new location to move tribe due to drought Indian Warrior 2- describes tribe suffering

Life #2. morning in the harbor- year 1725, 16 year old runs from abusive husband

Life #3. Opera crowd-Issac, six years old -6 year old Issac and sister play in front of opera as crowd lets out and goes to the bakery-late 1600's - bakery-sisterBecky.mp3 - More about the bakery and sister Becky



What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

It is a very relaxing experience, much like the period you experience just before you fall asleep. The difference is that you will remember everything, and time seems to go by rather fast. Many people find it hard to believe they were in trance the first time or two, but the hypnotist can point out things that will demonstrate to you that the trance is real. Usually, when you experince recall of a memory, it will seem so real to you in your mind that you will be convinced it is actually reoccuring.

"But, I've always thought I can't be hypnotized..."

Anyone of average intellect with a functional ability to focus and concentrate can be hypnotized. You must, however, desire to undergo the sitting, because an unwilling person can not be coerced to go into trance, or to do anything against their will or moral character.

Other common uses for hypnosis

weight loss, stop smoking, self confidance, etc.

Richard L. Smith is a specialist in metaphysical aspects of hypnotism. However, many other uses of the hypnosis arts are beneficial for us in many ways. In fact, it is commonly found that in regression of past lives the discovery of trauma, both physical and mental, can send forth into subsequent lives many disturbances which result in phobias and fears, stress, over indulgence of bad habits (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.) and other issues. Therefore, it is common that in our sessions we often find ourselves following up with these sorts of current issues which are brought forth and clarified during past life sessions.Many times, all that is necessary to clear up these "tag-a-long" issues is to clearly identify the source and explain why the negative habit exists, and the issue is quickly dispensed with.


Through past life regression and hypnosis experience you may be able to:

**be enlightened spiritually and become more tolerant of others.**find intuitive ways to attain more purpose and success in life.

**experience physical, emotional or spiritual healing.**develop increases in psychic abilities, intuition, and self awareness.

**meet new people who are drawn to you because of your new and higher vibrational energy.



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